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Welcome To Cutting Edge Weight Loss!

Learn all there is to know about the Green Light Laser which we recommend with our weight loss drip together and includes MIC-mB12 weight loss shots. We hope you enjoy the latest in cutting edge laser technology that is >35% more effective than anything else on the market and is even effective with normal BMIβ€˜s!!

Weight loss

Using MIC-MB12 and Laser For The Most Effective Weight Loss!

Exclusively from Infusion Center of NJ

By combining 100% all natural medicine (MIC-mB12 shots) with the most effective non-invasive fat removal system on the market in 2020, patients measure the inches off, not just pounds! (Thighs, Hips, Waist and Arms!)

Exclusively at Infusion Center of New Jersey, LLC

Welcome to Emerald Laser’s non-invasive liposuction.

Come lose at least 35% more fat than any other laser on the market, specifically designed and used just for for weight loss!! Irrespective of diet or exercise, this non-invasive liposuction via PAINLESS laser technology with NO down time and IMMEDIATE results are available here for the lowest cost around!!

Videos about the most effective FDA certified laser!

Introduction to the Emerald Laser

Infiusion Center of NJ: Cutting Edge, Medically Supervised Evidence-Based Medicine.

The Latest and Greatest In Non-Invasive Weight Loss Therapy Around

The only center in the region to offer this amazing brand new evidence-based and FDA cleared technology!!

How it works


Pathway 1

  • Fat leaves the cell and enters the extracellular space.
  • Triglycerides are then absorbed by the lymphatic system
  • Transported via afferent lymph vessels to lymph nodes


Pathway 2

  • MIC-B12 ”unsticks” the cells from your abdominal wall (see MRI Results above and cellular level results in the picture next to this paragraph of the cells literally unsticking)


Pathway 3

  • Broken down by macrophages then transported to the circulatory system
  • Also processed through the liver and bowels