Anti-Aging Medicine

The aging process is one of those things in life that is truly inevitable. Although nothing can stop you from getting older, you can take certain steps to age gracefully and age well. Taking good care of your body is a great way to encourage youthful vitality from the inside, out. While treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic effectively soften the signs of aging at a skin-deep level, a healthy lifestyle combined with regenerative therapy address aging at a cellular level.

The Best Anti-Aging: Eating Well and Exercise!

Sometimes the most basic measures are the ones we don’t want to take. Eating well, staying active, limiting the unhealthy habits in your life – all of these basics are a good way to age well. In advanced age, it’s also important to stay socially connected. All too often our senior citizens become isolated. Stay in touch with old friends and seek out new friendships. It’s an important part of overall wellness.

Micro-Needling Facial with PRP

Platelet-rich plasma injections are used to stimulate healing in deteriorating or injured joints, tendons and ligaments. And PRP can also be used for facial rejuvenation!

Your blood is made up of red and white blood cells, and platelets and plasma. By isolating the platelets, we can introduce concentrated growth factors directly to tissue. When applied to the skin, these platelets work to refresh, revive and stimulate firm, youthful skin.

First, micro-needling is performed to open up the skin. A handheld device containing tiny needles gently creates micro-punctures in the surface of the skin. In so doing, micro-needling makes the skin more receptive to the topical application of PRP.

Hormone Therapy

Hormones – particularly estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – naturally decline as we age. These hormonal imbalances are in part responsible for some of the less desirable effects of aging: weight gain, sleeplessness, loss of lean muscle, fatigue, impaired concentration. By introducing specific hormones into the body, we can level out some of these imbalances. First, blood work must be completed to get accurate levels and to see which hormones could use a boost. Hormones may be administered via implantable pellet, a pill or a topical cream. Over time, you should start feeling a reduction in the undesirable symptoms listed above as your hormones are replenished.

Assessing Your Goals and Treatment Options

Arrange a consultation if you are ready to learn more about anti-aging treatments using regenerative medicine techniques. PRP, hormonal therapy and other methods may be the right way to restore youthfulness from the inside out!

The Fountain of Youth: Anti-Aging Medicine Protocol

This intravenous therapy is a strong blend of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals,  NAD+ and Glutathione that support strong cognition and healthy aging. This IV should be used  in a in a series of ten IV’s to help support the repair mechanism in the body while strengthening  brain function, bones, connective tissue and energy. Age adjusted telomere length is the best  method to assess biological age using structural analysis of chromosomal age change in the  telomere. Telomeres are the little caps on the end of the chromosomes that carry our DNA.  Many think of them as the tips of the shoelaces that keep everything from unraveling.  Telomeres get shorter with age and several other environmental and lifestyle influences can  speed up telomere shortening, speeding up the aging process. Therapies directed at slowing  the loss of telomere length, slow aging and age-related diseases. 


  • ZINC 
  • NAD+ 


  • Cellular Regeneration  
  • Lifespan Extension 
  • Athletic Training  
  • Depression/Mood Disorders 
  • Asthma and Allergies 
  • Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)  
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension  
  • Metabolic Syndrome 
  • And more….. 

Recommended Protocol:  Series of 10 infusions (spaced out as frequently as every day but not more than a week apart).  Recommend maintenance therapy every 3 months on top of oral supplements tailored by Dr.  Weiss based on your medical history and up-to-date labs. 

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