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Anti-Aging Medicine IV Therapy and Chelation Symposium

Manalapan, FL

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Anti-Aging Medicine IV Therapy and Chelation Symposium

Dr. Weiss will be unavaiable for consults on Thursday October 10th as he is traveling for this important conference to benefit our patients and clients, We will soon be adding chelation (cardiac and other) as standard protocols, and it’s these conferences that enable Dr. Weiss to ensure we are up to date on all evidence-based medicine procotols and therapies.

Manalapan, FL


The 2019 APDIM Fall Meeting

Denver, CO

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The 2019 APDIM Fall Meeting

Congratulations to Dr. Weiss for helping create an ACGME approved brand new Internal Residency program here in our own backyard (Clifton and Denville). We have a desperate need across the nation for good Internists like Dr. Weiss, and he is trying to fill that need within our community. As a new program director of a residency program, Dr. Weiss must attend this important conference to be a better administrator, faculty member, teacher, mentor, and program director. Unfortunately, Dr. Weiss will be unavailable for consults on Thursday October 17th.

Denver, CO


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Dr. Weiss may be multi-tasking (eg, while away at a conference) however he is able to give new patient free IV consults at your convenience via phone or e-mail.

About Us

100% Pure Natural Infusions

natural vitamin infusion

IV administration is the most reliable method for delivering drug to the systemic circulation because it bypasses many of the absorption barriers, efflux pumps, and metabolic mechanisms. In fact, by definition, bioavailability of drugs is 100% by IV because the drug is administered directly into the vascular space. It is also one of the preferred routes of administration to rapidly achieve therapeutically effective drug concentrations.

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss' infusion center is a secluded 5 seat medical spa focused on healing naturally. We use only FDA-approved pharmacies to obtain 100% natural ingredients without additives or preservatives. Items are ordered fresh and mixed in our pharmacy on-site for you when you arrive. That means our Vitamin C has no corn-derived allergens and that our Myers' Cocktail is mixed on site with each individual pure component (without additives or preservatives). We are also one of the only physician run and supervised IV vitamin centers in the area, and our prices are highly competitive for the quality you will be getting. 

Jeffrey A. Weiss, MD


Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is board certified in Internal Medicine and is in the process of board certification in both Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. He has won numerous awards for his achievements for his diagnostic and clinical skills, as well as for his outstanding bedside manner. 

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is a smart and caring physician with a strong naturopathic and medical education having done his medical school in Europe (with an active medical license to practice in the EU), residency in internal medicine at Morristown Medical Center and fellowship in advanced heart failure / heart transplantation at Newark Beth Israel. 

He is currently the associate program director of a new Internal Medicine Residency Program in Passaic and Denville.

As a conventionally and naturopathically trained physician, he offers the best of both schools of medicine and provides patients with the freedom to choose or combine different approaches. His reputation precedes him and can be looked up on any medical review site (e.g., ZocDoc, Healthgrades, Vitals, etc).  

Dr. Weiss offers free consults every Thursday for vitamin patients (by appointment only - either by booking online, or by calling or emailing us). He also offers Direct Care (”Concierge”) Primary Care Medicine for a select  number of patients (as seen in video below).

Medical Specialties of NJ

medical specialties of nj
medical infusion

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, as part of Medical Specialties of NJ, offers a medical infusion center in our medical office next door. Whether it's IV Antibiotics, IV steroids, IV immunosuppressants (eg, Remicade, Entyvio, IVIG), IV iron, etc. - we are equipped to infuse whatever your specialist recommends. Why spend 23 hours in a disease-ridden hospital with all it's associated complications for 1-2 hours of IV antibiotics when we can do it in 30 minutes and you can have the rest of the day to yourself to do whatever you'd like? Why undergo blood transfusions with their risks (from a transfusion reaction to severe lung injury) when you can get IV iron to raise your own blood counts?

NJ TopDocs 2019 Video About Us

Note: Concierge services offered in the video (eg, office visits with checkups, medical and hospital care, etc) are not standard and require a concierge medicine membership.

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We do not claim that any of our products are a "cure all" or have "zero side effects". We practice up-to-date evidence-based medicine and only use what may work while under a physician's guidance. If any side effects can be expected they can be read in a patient hand out and explained by a physician. We can recommend and offer appropriate blood testing before and during therapy to try and avoid any such side effects, if applicable.